As a consultant, Lisa has consulted with or trained for organizations such as Mercer, Kronos, UC Davis, Hilton, Skillpath &
more. She has helped multi-million dollar corporate clients as well as small business owners create business development
teams and processes that directly impact the bottom line> Since leaving her successful corporate career of over 20
years, Lisa has started five businesses ultimately leading to her current thriving business.

With Lisa’s guidance, client have seen amazing results, including:

  • +80% improved proposals win rates
  • +70% revenue growth
  • +800% list size growth
  • 28% decrease in employee turnover
  • Increase client retention
  • Decreased expenses

Lisa’s goal is to help business owners find business development success
through effective proposals, influential leadership, and improved processes.
Lisa is a consultant, speaker, and international best-selling author. She is the
creator of the Martini Mindset™ Leadership Principles and the STARR Proposal
System™, and author of seven books. She is a professional member of the
National  Speakers Association (NSA), a member of APMP (Association of
Proposal Management Professionals), a certified Women Business Enterprise
(WBE), and a monthly contributor to Smart Hustle Magazine and Start Up Grind.

Lisa is also a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified
Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA), providing invaluable assessment
tools to ensure your teams are performing at their best, and that you have the
right players in the right roles.

Lisa dove into the “Why”, the “How” and the Realistic Value Proposition of the services that I
offer. She adeptly encouraged me to speak the return on investment that my customers will
see. I would highly recommend Lisa for your next Proposal review.

Amelia Roberts

Social Media Coach

Working with Lisa, our practice’s revenue more than doubled and the practice grew from one
line of business to five lines of business in more than three dozen states. Lisa understands
each step of the business development process and how to create a successful sales cycle.
She is an excellent leader, communicator, and motivator and has the skills to build successful
business development strategies and effective sales teams.

Steve Schramm

Founder & Managing Director, Optumas

Lisa has a killer ability to strategize, problem solve and package people’s brilliance in a way
that flows together cleanly.

George Ira Carol

Transformational Artist