In my last Lessons in Leadership video, I spoke to you about the importance of not giving away advice for free. Well, I got a lot of great feedback from people and even more questions – the biggest being HOW? How do I tell someone that I won’t give them any more free advice?

Okay – I know it’s a super sensitive and very difficult situation to be in, but the answer is really easy. Ready???




Check out the video to see what I mean:

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See how easy it can be to free yourself from giving away your advice for free? Do you see how you can now handle it so that you aren’t offending anyone but building a greater level of respect for both yourself and the person asking for help?  I hope so! Join me over on my Facebook page and share your thoughts and ideas on this!

Come back next week for another great lesson. I’ll be sharing a very common issue many leaders face: Confidence vs. Arrogance!

See you then!