Welcome to the new Lessons in Leadership video series. Each week I will be sharing a new video lesson filled with information that will help you to make better business decisions so you can become a better leader and find greater success.

This week’s lesson is all about knowing when it’s time to move on! What do I mean by that? As a leader and business owner, we sometimes find ourselves in a cycle of indecision. We debate minute details and then call out to our community for advice, which typically creates more debate, leading us to stall everything. Stop it! It will cripple your business.

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Watch the video below for my advice on how to stop this behavior and simply move on.

I hope this video motivates you to stop debating and stop procrastinating so you can move on and make the decisions that will move your business forward!

Come back next week for a lesson in business partnerships and core values. I’m sharing a real life lesson that you won’t want to miss! See you then!