This week’s Lessons in Leadership video is about something we are all guilty of – Judging.

Let’s be realistic; judging is human nature and while people say you should never judge anyone or anything – it’s gonna happen. But here’s the deal – and what’s really important if you are a leader: Judge on what you know, not what you hear!

Watch the video to see why:

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Your character as a leader is something that will constantly be under a microscope. If you choose to base your decisions about others based on what you’ve been told, then you could seriously damage your reputation. Stop it! A good leader will trust their instincts and make solid decisions based on real facts and their own interactions and experiences!

Have you run into a situation where you either judged or were judged, based on what someone told you versus your experience? If so, share in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page and share!

I’ll see you next week for another great Lessons in Leadership. We’ll be talking about my favorite subject: FUN!