Welcome to this week’s Lessons in Leadership!

This week I am sharing a personal business story from my past that was very difficult but left me learning a HUGE lesson. It involves a business partnership that went wrong and all the ‘crap’ that goes with it. As with any business venture or deal that doesn’t work out, you can go one of two ways. You can either play the victim and start blaming others for the bad outcome (sometimes even taking negative action to make yourself feel better), or you can take a big step back, look at what you can control in the situation and let go of everything else so you can move on.

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Watch the video below to hear my personal story and what I chose to do in my tough situation.

This lesson can be applied to SO much more than just business – it should be part of your everyday life and how you handle tough situations! Next time you are faced with a situation where you want to play victim or place blame on others, try the challenge I mention in the video. Then come back and share with me in the comments how it went!

Come back next week for another Lesson in Leadership. This one is an essential for everyone as we are going to be talking about why you need to stop giving away advice for FREE!

See you next week!