Are you looking for fun, engaging & inspirational speaker?

Your audience doesn’t want hear the same old ho-hum leadership principles.
They want a speaker who is going to engage them, challenge them and help them
become better versions of themselves so they can be more impactful and influential.
And they want key takeaways that they will be able to put to work immediately.

Lisa is an engaging Speaker whose goal is to put FUN and SIMPLICITY in business.
She has spoken to hundreds of audiences and impacted thousands of business
owners through her actionable tips, fun personality, and direct approach.

Lisa’s Signature Topics Include:

Wow ‘Em to Win ‘Em Proposal Strategy: If your winning percentage isn’t over 50%,
your approach deserves a closer look. It’s time to create a winning proposal strategy
so you can Stand out head and shoulders from the competition. Stop wasting time,
money and resources on losing proposals, and create a seamless process that will
eliminate “proposal pain”. (Book Companion: 51 Ways to Win More Proposals NOW!).

Leadership Influence & Credibility with a Martini Mindsetâ„¢ Stop following and start
leading. Master your unique leadership brand, based on YOUR “mix of ingredients”
rather than following someone else’s prescribed style. (Book Companion: The Martini
Mindsetâ„¢ & The Martini Mindsetâ„¢ Leadership Principles

FUN in the Workplace: Fun is NOT a luxury, it’s essential to business success. Learn
how to increases productivity, creativity, and problem solving skills! (Book Companion:
65 Ways to inject FUN into the workplace)

Lisa delivers these topics as keynote talks and 2-to 4-hour workshops to focus on what is truly holding
back business teams and owners from the success they desire. Contact us at 520.306.0755 for further
discussion, rates, and availability.

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