You’re passionate about what you do. You love what you offer. You know you can help people. But guess what?? It isn’t about you. My tough love for today: Your prospect doesn’t care about you or your product or service. Click To Tweet What they care about is if you can solve their need or want.

It’s a fine line, and business owners often have a hard time making that distinction. We are too close to our own stuff to realize that we keep talking about ourselves, and are not talking about what will resonate with the potential client.

When you’re responding to RFP’s (or preparing any sort of proposal, for that matter), this is hugely important. This is how you’re going to smack ‘em between the eyes so they pay attention to your message.

Consider these examples.

Example 1: You don’t buy a Coke because you want a Coke. You buy a Coke because you are thirsty, or craving the sweet flavor. If Coke focused on itself, its commercials would all be about the ingredients in Coke, or how the Coke is made. But they are appealing to your wants or needs in every connection to their potential customer.

Example 2: The quintessential example in sales is the drill. You don’t buy a drill because you need a drill. You buy a drill because you need a hole.

What do your clients need or want that your offering supplies?
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We think that when we share information with a prospect about our product or service, that it should be about our product or service. That is not true and it’s one of the hardest shifts for a lot of my clients to make.

Listen, it isn’t about you and your product or service. Stop focusing on the “what” of your offer, and start focusing on the solution you provide. Click To Tweet And the solution is not your product or service. Are you getting the hint yet??

Here’s a short template you can use to help guide you:

I offer       (product/service)       because my clients need/want (choose one) more/less/better/higher/lower (circle one)       (fill in the blank)       in their business/life (choose one).

That second fill-in-the-blank is about the outcome that your client is looking for. What result are they needing or wanting? That is the secret sauce.

Here are two examples for my business:

I offer RFP Consulting services because my clients need to win more RFP’s.

I offer RFP tools and strategies because my clients are tired of losing RFP’s.

If you don’t know what you clients need or want, you better start asking. Don’t assume. Let them tell you.