People and Processes are the two greatest areas
that will negatively affect your bottom line.

If your people are unmotivated, stressed, or unfulfilled,
it will show in your profits. If your processes are out of
whack, it will show in your profits. The thing is, these
are relatively simple things to fix.

If you’re feeling any pain around People and
Processes, then we need to talk.

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

This is our priority to get to know each other and see if there is an opportunity
to work together. We will discuss your current challenges, what your goals are,
and what it would look like to have me as your partner and advisor.

Borrow My Brain Session – $397

This is truly a business brainstorming session. If you need to bounce ideas off of a seasoned business strategist, this is the perfect session for you. As the famous Les Brown quotes, “You can’t see the picture when you’re inside the frame“. We all need
another brain every once in a while.

Proposal Review ($997)

The proposal review is an assessment of up to three prior proposals providing you with specific strategies on how to improve your win rate. You will receive a written report outlining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and key actions for immediate improvement. Includes a 60-minute one-on-one phone call to discuss these findings.

Proposal 911 (starting at $1,200)

Do you have a proposal in-house now that you need help with? Are you…..

  • Tired of the process being painful and fed up with burning your folks out on yet another lost opportunity?
  • Short-staffed for a current or upcoming opportunity?
  • Afraid that the opportunity might be a bit too big for your current team?
  • Terrified that you might miss a detail and be deemed unresponsive?
  • Running out of time to get this done in the time allotted?
  • Unsure how to express your differentiators so you stand out from your competition?

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As your 911 Proposal Consultant, I have a solution for your biggest challenges, and can:

  • assist in organizing the needs of the response and the timeline by providing oversight, tools & templates
  • be an extension of your staff or help identify and mobilize additional staff, depending on the need
  • assess the situation and provide insight for strategic partners, additional team members, and time & resource leverage points
  • provide oversight and review to ensure every detail of the proposal is addressed in your response
  • assess the situation and provide tools, strategies, and troubleshooting to get that proposal out the door and delivered on time
  • provide direction on overall positioning to make certain that your message and your solution is on point to increase your chance of winning

Team Building 911 (starting at $2,500)

If your business development and/or proposal team isn’t firing on all cylinders, it’s time to take a deeper look. Here are some signs that they are not working as effectively as possible:

  • Constantly complaining that they are overworked
  • Feeling stressed and overburdened
  • Infighting and causing drama
  • Leaving for more exciting opportunities

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Let our team help you get to the root cause of these issues and turn the team dynamics into a positive force through:

  • Training
  • Individual talent assessments
  • Team building activities
  • Group/team assessments

A to Z  Winning Proposal Makeover (starting at $7,200)

If your business development efforts rely heavily on responding to RFPs (requests for proposals) and you’re losing more than you’re winning, it’s time to assess your entire process.

In this A to Z Makeover, we will look at all aspects of your response strategy – from writing, to process, to follow-up. The objective is to save you time, aggravation and money while improving your win rate.

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This makeover is for you if your business is:

  • Losing too many proposals
  • Burning out your current staff
  • Scrambling to get every proposal out the door
  • Sending out subpar proposal responses
  • Missing deadlines

We will take you from A to Z in these three steps:

  1. Pre-Proposal
  • Develop an overall proposal strategy in line with the company’s objectives
  • Create criteria for the types of proposal you should and should not spend your time on
  • Create a process for identifying and tracking opportunities
  1. Proposal
  • Develop a streamlined, replicable process for managing a proposal response
  • Provide a template for the written response, including guidance for the writers to keep them on point
  • Assessing team structure and dynamics
  • Provide you with tools and templates to keep things organized, including role descriptions, calendar template, response templates, and a response management template.
  • Post-Proposal
  • Develop a follow up tracking tool to keep track of proposal data to better understand costs and results
  • Provide internal debrief guidelines and how to use that information to better prepare for the next proposal
  • Provide external debrief guidelines for any lost opportunities

When you have a solid Proposal Process, you can expect to see dramatic increases in your win rate and thus your bottom line.

Consulting Retainer

Only available to clients who have completed an A to Z Makeover, I am available on a retainer basis for access and consultations. You can have peace of mind that I am there as your advisor to support the growth of your business and to help with any challenges that may come up as you roll out your new process.

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